”Innovative Lights with Endless Possibilities” 

Dress your lamp is a Swedish based company that strives to create lights that you can live with for years to come. We therefore offer our customers many options and giving them the freedom of choice. With the lamp “Hybrid” you can choose from not less than 52 different variations. Our lights gives you the ability to alter your own product in shape and color. The theme that run throughout our products are playfulness, changeability, humor and a curiosity to find new alternatives. It can beam with joy, lust or explosion, if you like? ...

 We want to minimize the tear and toss trend with our products. Instead of throwing away or buying a whole new light, make a new one just by getting a different set of parts. 

In the Hybrid series you simply “dress” your lamp with 27 removable parts in frosted acrylic, they easily attach to the metal frame with strong neodym magnets. With a currant selection of 8 colors and 2 different shapes the combinations are endless. You can choose from one of my variations or build your own!

Dress Your Lamp encourage high quality and durability and the whole process from design, product-development to manufacturing is made in Sweden.